It was our very first Virgin Atlantic flight. We were quite interested to see whether they would provide the excellent service we’d heard so much about. I think they must have not been talking about economy. Whilst the customer service at check-in and in-flight service were good, I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the in-flight entertainment and food – for economy, alas.

Maybe it was because they were short-staffed on our flight. Drinks were slow to come by, and I was seriously dehydrated throughout the entire flight. The food was really quite little, and I felt relatively hungry. We were served a dry egg or tuna sandwich for an afternoon snack, with an even drier cookie. But with no tea or water to swallow it down, it was a bit hard to swallow.

I guess I had been expecting more, especially after the unexpected delivery of economy class service from Emirates. So what can I say? Virgin Atlantic is way better than United. (anything is way better than United.) But it’s more like a Qantas service. Not sure about BA. I haven’t flown long haul with them in a while.