Miami beaches are just lively. White sandy stretches for miles. Other than than stifling hot midday to late afternoon heat, it’s just quite balmy to laze around reading a book. Drink loads of water though. Dehydration gives a bad headache, and I don’t think it’s my caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

The water is like a warm bath. Quite easy to get into. Not quite like the mediterranean where you still have to brace yourself before getting in. Also, unlike the Mediterranean, there are loads of space around. You don’t have to fight for space.

There’s lots of places to eat on south beach. We felt like having a cheeseburger. So we went to a take out type place with seating called Cheeseburger Baby. The amount of cheeseburger sizes were mind boggling. From half pounders to 10 pounders. A true diner-style eatery, we were entertained to a couple of people apparently trying to scam for free food. Suddenly, swear words were flying across the room, with the owner calling the cops. For me, I suddenly felt like I was in a scene from TV. I didn’t think the police would actually arrive. The whole incident seemed relatively trivial (well, compared to serious crimes that I was sure they’d be busy with), but they turned up 20 minutes later. Of course, the people were long gone. Or, if they weren’t, they were quite silly not to be ling gone.

The burgers were tasty and greasy. Just what we needed after a long flight with not a lot of food. Thankfully, it’s not our everyday diet.