So we spent the afternoon wandering about the town whilst waiting for our room to be ready. We got our call at 4 pm, which I thought had been late. But we were in the middle of sightseeing so we did not rush back.

It was quite a grand feeling making our way towards Oxford Castle. Whilst many others were making their way out, we were on our way in. Beautiful stone pacers leading to a grand hotel entrance greeted us. There’s no formal reception desk, but what looks like intimate old style study desks. I love the intimacy and the lack of formality.

With key in hand, we were off to find our rooms. I had booked the room in the modern section. It was the cheapest online offer. To my glad surprise, when the lift doors opened, I found myself in the cell block section. The little one and I were quite excited. Red doors marked entrances to once-prison cells.

The central area was very brightens airy though I’m sure it wouldn’t have been in it’s prison heyday. It must be the White Walls, mood lighting and extra large windows at either end. Despite the very modern touches, you can see the prison of old. A bit ‘The Green Mile’ and ‘Escape from Alcatraz’.

Our upgraded room was quite large. Three cells worth, actually. Steel beams hold up barrel ceilings where once stone walls used to be. It must have been quite a renovation job – knocking down the old walls. Colour scheme is white walls with camel, black, maroon and aubergine.

The old prison window, with bars removed, have plate glass instead. They’ve lined the window with a wooden box surface with doors instead of curtains. It makes a fabulous window box, or seat. Hope the plate glass is secure, as I have my entire weight against it whilst I write this blog page.

Bathroom is fantabulous with bath and rainwater shower. Bathroom assortment are huge bottles of shampoo, bath gel and body lotion. Extra cosmetics such as hand, and foot gel can be purchased. Considering it’s size, it’s a bargain, and a lovely souvenir.

Love it. Can’t wait to see what dinner at the brasserie will be like. For now, I’m looking forward to a lively bath.

(Alas, no photos as I’m having trouble with photo uploads on account of these very thick Walls.)