So the thing I like so far, given the time to work on it, is drafting and planning. I quite like it and the slowness of it, the thinking through of an idea of a plan in my head and then trying to draw it out. What’s annoying is that I don’t have the measurements automatically in my head, and I’m not yet familiar with what’s out there, so everything feels like a bespoke job, because I’m creating furniture to fit a space. But at least I know what I’m doing with planning now, I can think it through in my head, and I feel more confident about dealing with lumps (and hiding it) and thinking about cupboards and doors to hide things. I can measure out sofa and think about why I want separate pieces rather than one modular piece, and it gives me something to look for in the shops.

Previously, I would be working it all in my head (rather unsuccessfully, I might add). But it’s giving me a big headache, and sometimes I have to push through with stuff. I can’t seem to find the right images for my mood board, and I don’t want to buy magazines just to have to do this. I am finding too many images of furniture, and I have no colour scheme yet. All this makes it quite difficult really to bring it together – at least for me.

The other thing I find about drafting, is that I don’t think about much else. Other things don’t jump in to crowd the space, so that I have 2 or 3 trains of thoughts going on at the same time. It’s rather quiet and all I can hear is me grappling with the problem I’m trying to solve.

With attempting to draw physical design, I find I do struggle with it. I can spend a long time deciding whether a cupboard should be in this spot and not the other, and constantly reworking the flow of the layout in my head. Whereas I now notice how much easier it is for me to take a writing brief and plan an outcome from the outset. It’s a thinking brain thing, a way of looking at things, and I feel rather determined to re-train my brain to be able to take a visual brief and for me to be able to (more easily) produce a physical rendition of what’s in my head. This I think is the challenge. It’s very much an intellectual game. And I do feel frustrated that I’m not very good, nor am I very fast, at it.

It’s like a puzzle and I haven’t learned to solve it yet.