New pair of suede pink Russell & Bromleys

Welcome to my latest pair of shoes for this year. It took me some time to find it, but that’s because I had to find the time.

I knew what I wanted. It had to be flat heels. I’m doing away with all my high heels in London. It’s not very practical for me when I have to catch public transport everywhere. I wanted this latest ballet fashion look but not it in actual. I had tried some of these unstructured shoes and it was mighty uncomfortable.

It also had to be pretty and go with my entire summer wardrobe including dresses, skirts and jeans. Again, not an easy task.

I went out to Bond street last week specifically to look for shoes. I must have Russell & Bromley on the brain because they were the first shop I went to. Tried a couple of pairs, but because they were the first shop, I wanted to scout some more. I ended up in Selfridges in the Shoe Gallery section. How divine to be in the presence of tons of designer branded shoes. Truly, it made Nine West look like a cheap brand by comparison, which of course it is not. The difficult thing is that nude, flesh-coloured, patent leather, 3.5 inch heels are the rage. So if you are in the market for these, which thankfully I am not, you will have a very tough choice choosing, because every label is carrying them.  Anyway, I can’t wear this colour, it makes my legs look quite sickly, apart from the fact that I’m like to twist my ankle tottering around town.

So, after wandering around Selfridges for 2 hours, I still hadn’t found anything I liked. The closest was Jimmy Choo’s leopard design print, but it was 255 pounds, which I thought is really a lot of money. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed, but the hoards of people around trying on shoes was also not conducive to me.

The next day, I went to several High Street shops, including Bowleys, Clarks and Office. I found some comfortable looking shoes, but to be honest, they were either too nice or officey looking, or too casual. But it really does not compare with Russell & Bromley. I have found their shoes to be truly comfortable. Gone are the days of squashing my feet into a cheap and uncomfortable, but pretty pair of shoes, that in hindsight has been doing terrible things to my feet and my back.

Russell & Bromley – I am truly a loyal customer. Love their shoes, love how well made it is, love how comfortable they are, love that I can (with a little bit of saving) afford them.