Having an evening free to ourselves, we went to Half price tix to see what was available. Hmm, 39 Steps, or Thriller Live? I was a bit skeptical. I thought it’d be a good show – love the music – but I felt hesitant. I had been to see We Will Rock You, and whilst the singing was fantastic, the story was lame, and I fell asleep. Mind you, I was extremely jet lagged at the time.

So glad we chose Thriller Live. We had the best night ever.The first act opened with the ‘young’ Michael Jackson singing. At first, hubby (ever the true skeptic) thought it was a lip-synch. I thought it was great. I was just enjoying how much it sounded like Michael Jackson. The the actor/singer/dancer did look like young Michael. By the third song, hubby was totally convinced that it wasn’t a lip-synch. I think some of the heavy breathing of young Michael came through the mike – you know, all that dancing and singing at the same time is quite tiring.

There were about 5 Michaels in total. They all had amazing Michael voices. Some a little lower, but just the way Michael sang and danced, the way he kicked his feet, grabbed his crotch, and ‘hee heed’ way through his songs.  The young Michael was very good, as was the Michael who did the dance moves but didn’t really sing – the moon walk, stage glide, the gravity defying plank etc. The one to watch is the white Michael. He doesn’t look like Michael at all. But, I say, he sounds most like Michael. But all of them, they were fabulous.

The moon walk.  We all screamed and clapped when he did it. I think the moon walk is something everyone has tried, including me. I remember first seeing the moon walk on a video clip and thinking that was a camera trick.

Thriller Live is a show that was around before Michael died. The producers had created it as a tribute to Michael Jackson’s music. And I definitely think it is, and especially now that he has passed. For me, it was so great to hear so many of his songs in one sitting, I had not remembered quite how many songs he had written. And it made me realise that I do miss Michael Jackson and his music, and we won’t hear any new music coming from him. He wrote some really beautiful music. So that made me feel a little bit sad. Also, maybe because the songs reminded me of when I was a teenager myself, and how I miss those days (just a little).

Thriller Live is a definite must-see crotch-grabbing show. It’s uplifting and entertaining and simply nice to enjoy the music from the King of Pop.