Oh, big headache when learning something new. Am doing an interior design course. Not sure if I mentioned it before. Slowly getting to grips with it, I think. I guess some things I’m learning to think about more better than in the past. Notice that I’m not saying I am good at it. No where close. Textures and colours give me a big headache, as does sourcing a hundred and one different types of materials. It isn’t just the decorative aspects, it’s the usage considerations as well. Also it’s environmental impact of manufacture and ongoing use. Whilst it’s great to be forced to consider new things, my brain hasn’t been taxed like this in a long time. It feels like it is struggling to compartmentalise the information – trying to make sense of it. It’s such a lot of work going around everywhere trying to source things. Plus, it’s not just sourcing things from high street shops, you source things from designer shops. Whilst that’s really fantastic to see what’s out there, it’s doubly hard to try to get samples. Oh, this course is so much work. It’s giving me a big headache.