We went out with a few iPhone carrying friends – iPhones, actually. It’s the new experience.  Once you arrive and do the obligatory ‘muah’, ‘muah’, everyone has to check in on their Facebook account tag all the friends who are there. This actually takes a couple of minutes whilst everyone tries to find a connection on the WIFI or 3G. Conversation descends to how poor our network connection is, and who’s managed to check in first. Of course, if you can’t find the restaurant on the list of places, then the decision has to be made on where we should check in.

Meanwhile, it’s heads down, fingers tapping.  Maybe there’s a couple of photos, and we’re all busy uploading.

Chat, chat, chat. We order, then the food arrives. Out come the iPhones, takes a photo of food and upload, and posting against each other’s photo whilst sitting opposite from each other at the table.

This is so ridiculous – I love it!