Child is off on a school trip to France, which leaves us at a loose end on where to travel. With only 3 days, 2 nights, I have looked at where to do a quick ‘mini-break’.  Yes, there are many places, but you know what? We’ve been to many places too. And having travelled to so many places in the UK so far, I’m beginning to get ….. bored.

Yes, yes. Bored of the UK, because, actually, a lot of it looks alike – now. Especially in England,, which admittedly is where I’ve done most of my travelling in the UK. Gotta make these distinctions – people get upset.

Okay, 3 days, 2 nights.  Ummm, am thinking “I don’t want to do a huge drive. 3 hours max.” So what’s in 3 hours of London?

Oxford. Good choice, haven’t been there. But I really want to go there with the little, to develop his aspirations about what’s possible. I want him to visit Oxford University so that he can say he’s been there, even if he never goes there to study. But I also want to go to Blenheim Palace. Hubby will love it, we’ll spend ages looking at the WWII stuff.  So the little one would really like this trip. And there’s the Cotswold.

A bit further north is Stratford. Yup, been there. I’ve seen Shakespeare’s house, Mary Arbor’s Farm and Warwick Castle too.

Sussex. Well, actually, we are going there for the Royal Wedding weekend. So we’ll check out Hastings, maybe Brighton, and a few places down there whilst we’re off posh camping. Covered.

Norfolk. Norfolk looks really boring on the internet. All the websites seem terribly uninteresting and this will be a pure B&B trip with and not much to see actually. I could be totally wrong, but nothing is screaming out at me. Some windmills, stately homes and zoos and things. But nothing major – to me.  Of course the drives would be very nice. But we’ve done plenty of nice drives already.

Southampton, New Forrest area. Hmm. Doesn’t grab me. We are already doing our posh camping thing so I don’t want to do more of this in the same month. And though I like the idea of a seaside holiday (reminds me of when I was in fantasy land with Enid Blyton), the seaside is Britain is pretty boring, because you really can’t go into the sea because it’s so cold.

Windsor. Yes we could go visit Lizzie, but you know, I could catch a train and be there in about an hour and a bit, so I really don’t want to spend like 500 quid extra for the car and accommodation.

Maybe I should go to the Continent instead…