Gluten-free bread rolls


My wheat-free diet hasn’t been completely wheat-free. Ok, I did travel to Zurich during the week, and during the plane flight, was a bit hungry and there wasn’t any alternative to the croissant that was on offer for breakfast, and the cheese and salad sandwich roll for dinner. But, apart from that (and a couple of other instances), I’ve been pretty good. Really.

Yesterday, at the shops, we found gluten-free bread rolls – no gluten, no wheat. Tried it today and I thought it was quite good – a bit heavy, but much better than I thought gluten-free bread would be. The last time I tried gluten-free bread was nearly 10 years ago, so perhaps baking techniques have come a long way.

I’ve noticed a lesser obsession with bread and biscuits, and I am eating more salads and fruit in between meals just to stave off hunger during the day. Having said that, chocolate has become a good substitute. Don’t know whether I’m losing weight. Don’t think so if I’m eating chocolate as a replacement.  But overall, am managing well.