This time in Japan, in the north-eastern part. It’s been one natural disaster after another this year. January was Queensland Australia, February was Christchurch New Zealand (only 2.5 weeks ago), and yesterday was Sendai province Japan. How do you hope for people to be okay when you know that many would have died? I guess it’s simply hoping that those who survive remain as safe and well as they can. Looking at the images of the Tsunami, it is difficult for me to fathom the scale of the clean up. To me, Queensland looked huge, then Christchurch was like ‘Wow, how long will this take?’ And now, Japan simply makes the first 2 look small by comparison. Must say, I am a bit worried about the nuclear power plant. I honestly hope it doesn’t blow its top.

Who knows what’s happening in the Pacific plate. Seems like Mother Earth is filled with activity these last few years. Really hope she settles down a bit.