I am not much good for diet. I’ve used that term before and mainly it’s the starvation technique. Eat tons less than what I normally would and lose weight. It worked in my teens and early twenties. But hey, I kinda think that life’s too short for starvation diets, and since I don’t smoke or drink, I figured one vice in my life is okay.

However, spontaneously this week, and for no reason at all, I have decided to try a cut wheat completely out of my meals for 2 weeks diet. I’d heard of people going on a detox diet, and quite frankly that just sounds way too hard. I thought, cutting out the wheat ingredient from my diet would be a sufficient level of exertion to ask of me. Shouldn’t be too hard …

Actually, now that I’m having to go shopping to buy wheat free ingredients for cooking, I am discovering there’s a lot of foods I can’t buy.  Bread is the obvious one. But biscuits, sausages, crumbed foods, patties, pancakes, cakes, croissants, pies, some noodles, pasta and pizzas are all the things I’ve got to exclude. Not that I eat all this stuff a lot, mind you. But some of these ingredients are the solution to pulling together a meal very quickly. Eg. Sandwiches for lunch, and pasta for dinner.

Anyway, first fail of the exclude wheat from meals campaign (don’t want to call it a diet), ate chocolate fudge pudding because we didn’t want to waste it by chucking it out.