Hate being sick, especially when I’ve been kept awake at night on account of it. Something about lying prone that makes my cough worse. That was 2 hours ago but i haven’ t been able to nod off.

Tried reading till slightly sleepy but coughing keeps keeping me awake. Am pondering whether to go to a doctor since most of the time they’ll say let it run it’s course. Blah! Don’t know how long I have to put up with this.

Great. It’s 4.30am. I can hear the planes. Gosh they are punctual.

Great thing about having an iPhone is that I can read the news or type a blog post without getting up. Been catching up on awful mews about Queensland floods. Knew it was bad but did not realise quite how awful it is. In all the time that I have lived in Australia, I’ve never heard news this devastating. It isn’t just the loss of life, it’s the despair after such a disaster. I can’t even begin to understand the scale of it, being here in England and reading about it remotely.

Sorry. Ramblings of a sleep deprived person with a possible chest infection.