Did you ever read this growing up? I remember spending an allowance or two at my favourite second-hand book shop in Serangoon Gardens called NIB. Sigh, I do have fond memories of trips on the bus with plastic bags full of books and comics to trade. Perhaps mills and boons books became imbued with this nostalgic quality, and why I think of those books with such fond memories.

That, and because an old school friend so dearly loves her Mills and Boon collection (yes you), I did start to wonder I’ve been missing out on MnB books lately. So I decide to buy some holiday reading for my 3-month old Kindle. Yes, good ol’ Carole Mortimer – an old-time favourite – and since it was Christmas, the cheesiest Christmas title I could find, “Heavenly Christmas”. You have to agree, it’s pretty cheesy MnB stuff.

So, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to me to say that I did not rediscover the love I once had for Mills and Boon, especially for a cheesy Carole Mortimer title. After finishing the book in 2 hours, alas my first thought was “How could I have ever liked this stuff”. But I still love it that my old school friend (yes, you) just still loves it. I guess, it’s like keeping the flame alive of things we once did or enjoyed, like watching countdown music videos in the middle of the night.