So is it, 2011 NYE dinner, or is it 2010 NYE dinner? Since new year’s eve is in 2010, not in 2011, but I suppose it refers to the start of 2011, so it should be the former. Stick with me people, only the big questions are being asked here.

Anyway, I really couldn’t work it out so just decided to call it NYE dinner. Talk about doing something mad, I organised a monstrous 11-course meal to ring in 2011. Why 11 courses? Why not.

Think this might be the first and last one. (Truly I can’t imagine (right now) what 12 courses will look like.) I am so full, and was quite heady with all the champagne that I don’t normally drink. And committed as we are, we made sure we ate 11 courses before midnight, otherwise it could be most inauspicious.  Still it was good fun planning a menu that did not match, with insufficient dishes and a tiny kitchen. Suffice it to say, thank goodness for antipasto dishes, Waitrose and a portable second oven. I even had a run sheet to keep me in time.

All night, dinner went well. We were very “proud” to have cheated the restaurants out of the 200 squids they were going to charge us each. So we felt flush with “wealth” – or I could’ve been flush with wine. Kids were entertained at the TV in the next room, and running in and out to nibble something from the table and off again. On occasion, I had to worry about the carpet, seeing this is a rental apartment, and well I always worry about carpets in a rental.

Turned on the telly to watch the fireworks and I say that London put on a good show. Still, it can never beat Sydney’s efforts on account of the weather.

There is a moment in time when you know you’ve hit the wall, and that was my last glass of champagne. (Did I mention that I had 3 glasses of champagne by then, 2 glasses of red and 2 glasses of white?) Lovely thing it was, about 200 squids worth: 2003 Celebris Gosset rose champagne. Very French. Lovely colour, easy to drink…. And then, I had to lie down in a dark room.  The lights were too bright, head throbbing with brain cells shrinking. I suppose cheap champagne could do this to you too, but it’s nice to know it was on nice champagne – you know, going out in style, that sort of thing.

Just woke up at midday to a horrible looking table. Thank goodness hubby cleaned up and put some dishes in the dishwasher. Not sure that I can cope yet. Think I’ll have a coffee now.

With such an auspicious start with 11 course dinner and 200 squid champagne, I tell’ya, 2011 is going to be a great year. Do something crazy now and then, and have a wonderful year.