… And not when you think they’ll buy it. I’ve been trying to sell these whoopie cushions in December which the little one got as presents in various Christmas parties over the last year. I thought it’d be a hot seller at Christmas, you know, as fillers, that sort of thing.  Anyway, I listed them both up at 99p just the same yesterday since it didn’t cost me in listing fees, truly not thinking they’d sell. And lo, both sold to the same person.  Can’t fathom why at the moment, since it’ll arrive too late for New Year’s and there’s no other occasion I can think of.

Just goes to show, you don’t know what you’ll sell when on eBay, just have to keep relisting and relisting until it’s sold. Most of the things I’ve listed has sold. Those that haven’t is because I had asked a fraction too much. But I know it, since I kinda don’t really want to sell it, just trying to sell it at a price I’d be happy with if I got it. But that’s the other thing about selling your own personal stuff: the value you place on it isn’t the same as the value people will pay for it. Sometimes it’s more, often it’s less. Truly, it’s made me feel a lot less attached to how much I think my stuff is worth because it’s not worth as much as I think it is worth. Tell you what, I go shopping a lot less than I used to, and I hang on to stuff a lot less longer than I used to.