Right. This will be a proper first post from the newly
acquired iPhone 4. Yesterday doesn’t count. I was doing a dry run.
Tapping on rocking train is very tricky. Do forgive the invariable
incoherent sentence that might result. I also have to battle with
over intelligent spellchecker. After a week of lovely rating on
Devon, it is time to go home. I think everyone who spent Christmas
in the west country also had the same idea. The train was quite
crowded with people and baggage. I thought it would be like this
all the way to Waterloo. Thankfully, most people left at Taunton.
So, the carriage is quite bearable. One thing about getting on a
crowded train, you do have to be pushy and get yourself in, even
though it looks quite impossible when you are at the door. Our
carriage has now settled down into a low hum. Most people who were
standing in the vestibule have managed to find seats. Time check to
Waterloo is another 2.5 hours. The little one has settled to sleep.
Hubby is posing some iPhone game, and I’m tapping away over here.
Even the kindle has been given a break. There is a constant drizzle
outside and a definite grey sky. We might have passed the shortest
day of the year but you wouldn’t think it to look at it. The
weather is distinctly warmer. If you call 10 degrees warm, which I
now do after the cold days and nights of up to -10 degrees.
Everything is relative. So it’s off with scarves, hats and gloves.
What a nice, light feeling.