It’s 2 days after Christmas. I’ve spent the last week
eating. I’m getting so filled with food that I really should stop,
but the next meal is always so tasty. Thank goodness,I’m not alone
in my misery and I have 7 others in the house facing this dilemma.
Turkey and all it’s trimmings, pigs in blankets, devils on
horseback, mince pies, bubble and squeak, Singapore chilli crab,
seafood pasta, grille Italian vegetables and antipasto, pork pies,
pork roll, kippers, pudding, coffee mocha bomb, Christmas cake, and
more. Oh, I’m so full. By the way, merry Christmas. And yes, it was
nice to have a White Christmas even though snow can be so

Ps.we also ate roti gala, smoked salmon, chicken rice, lamb curry, walnuts, reece’s pieces, pineapple tarts, gingerbread, baked scallops, baked Camembert, ……….