Have to admit, I’m looking forward to my new Kindle, which will arrive – I don’t know when. They don’t even have a date for me. Sure, it doesn’t have colour and is only in black and white. It’s not snazzy, snappy and the thing that everybody wants to be with. But for what it does, which is reading, I think it will do very well indeed. No matter the reviews, I cannot be convinced that a backlit LCD screen will not give me headaches. After all, I get headaches already from the laptop screen.

I was never attracted to the Kindle before. I think it’s because I thought it was excessively expensive, and well the product itself looked terribly ugly. I think the new Kindle looks a whole lot nicer.  It’s smart, smaller, thinner with a longer battery life – or so the advertising says.  Most importantly, I think Amazon has brought it to a reasonable price point, which made it an easier purchasing decision for me.

I’ve even downloaded a Kindle for my PC, and have started re-reading Pride and Prejudice on the laptop, in between blogging, Facebooking, eBaying and cooking dinner.  Rather than strain my eyes with 10 point font size, I’ve made it a giant font size so it’s easy to read in bite sized chunks.  As a result, my rate of reading (and cutting/skimming through pages) has slowed down dramatically.  And I’ve noticed, I’m reading a completely different Pride and Prejudice. For example, I did not know Mr Bingley’s family came from trade, and that they were aspiring to buy into an estate.

Don’t know if it’s the Kindle for PC, the large font size or that I’m simply picking up different information. All I know is that with less and larger text on a page, I am reading the information differently.  For some strange reason, I think this is very exciting.  Can’t wait for the real thing to arrive.