If truth be known, I have been de-cluttering for about 9 months now. And part of the reason it’s taken me so long is because I try to sell most of the items on eBay before sending it onto Oxfam or into the recycling bin.  So the process of de-cluttering for me involves checking prices on eBay, preparing my eBay listings, taking photos, watching my listings (like watching grass grow), and organising postage. Yup, there’s a lot of work in selling.

So, I did a quick count. So far, I have sold 68 items on eBay to a value of around GBP 700. That’s not bad considering they’re just lying around the house. Of course, I’ve spent this sum about 5 times over now. Lately, I’ve taken to buying a DVD, watching a family movie with it, and then on-selling it.  Sure, I don’t get full value back, but it’s way cheaper than subscribing to cable movies.

So, what about de-cluttering for a new iPad?  Well so far, I’ve gotten rid of, thrown, moved on or sold about 45 items., plus I’ve got a pile of stuff to sell. But they’re not out of the house yet, so it doesn’t count.