I’ve been reflecting on the merits of getting an iPad to help me along with daily blogging. It’s been growing in my head that it’s a good idea to get a mobile device that I can tacker away from home, capture thoughts etc.  Admittedly, I’ve been resisting it.  Didn’t want to get caught up in the hype of new technology, though I’ve always loved Apple products.  Survived without a tool like that, so don’t need it.  You know, the whole “need vs want” argument.  I loved a cousin’s argument that the need existed long before the want, so it’s really a need not a want therefore I’m not succumbing to marketing hype.  Rather I found a product that fulfils a need.  (Okay, I’m a complicated person.) The thought has been growing in my mind.

Three weeks ago, on my way to Paris on the Eurostar, I finally decided that an iPad would really be useful on train journeys. However, being the person I was brought up to be, I had to “work” for it.  My idea of “working” for it, is to de-clutter.  My goal is to get rid of 60 items before I could place an order for it, and then to get rid of another 40 items before I can play with it.  Why 60?  It seemed like an achievable figure.  Also, if I assigned a value of GBP10 to it, it would be GBP600 and that would be the value of the iPad.  Why 40?  Well, I thought that 60 was too easy, so needed a higher stretch.  When I told a colleague what I was doing, she said she would have just gone out and bought it. I have mentioned that I sometimes over-complicate my life?

Anyway, this is a good incentive to encourage the rest of the family to consider moving things along.  We’ve now shifted, sold or thrown about 35 items.  No, can’t count the items before this de-cluttering game. And only items that’s physically moved out of the house count.

You might tell from this story, that I have a bit of a problem with de-cluttering. You see, I take a long time to make the decision to get rid of one item. I got through a ” Hmmm, I wonder if we need this.  Don’t think so.  But it’s still good.  Best check with the little one whether he still wants it.  Hmmm, I wonder how much I can sell it for.  Okay, check prices on eBay.  Oh I have to take a photo.  How much is it again?  Best check prices on eBay again … Oh, you want it?  Ummm, but you really don’t play with it, etc, etc, etc.”  So, it can take a couple of hours to make one decision to throw out one item.

This little de-cluttering game I’ve set up for myself has helped to hasten things along.  It’s now become “Can’t sell it on eBay?  Ok, out it goes.”  The conversation in my head is much shorter. I’m not hanging on to “But it’s still good” or “I might still use it” because I’m thinking this item is holding me back from number 60.  Do I want to get to the iPad, or hang on to this item.  So, overall, less angst.

Okay, I agree with my colleague.  A lot of work when I could have just gone out and bought one.  But house is looking neater, and wardrobe has a bit more space.  By the way, did I mention I’m now looking at the Kindle also?