I was told by a friend that Canary Islands was named for its dogs, not canaries. Thanks. You know who you are.  Sorry, still no dogs, but I´ve seen some stray cats. If truth be known, we really haven´t ventured far from the hotel.  If anything, in search of food only. Lovely, lovely hotels around the place, but massively expensive too.  Also, there are lots of little eateries around the place, but it is absolutely rubbish!  The little eateries serve food only to mop up the beer that they serve also. Or, they serve really nice food at really nice prices.  More expensive than even Europe.  Alas, this is a downside of being in such a touristy area.

Other than the hotels, housing and some small shopping developments, the immediate view from the hotel cuts across a vast expanse of empty land that looks quite desolate before it climbs into the mountains ahead.  Dotted across it are dwellings cut across its side.  It doesn´t appear too developed where we are at Costa Adeje, though I can´t say the same for Playas de Americas and Los Cristianos, which is completely built up with developments seemingly perched on the side of the mountains. 

We found some good options by taking the bus.  The buses are really good and the lady at the bus station quite helpful.  Yes, we have to wait a while.  And having a bus timetable helps a lot, but it´s way cheaper than catching cabs, although hubby has worked out the ideal distance to travel on the step-in rate (is this what it´s called?).  Playa des Americas has a couple of nice eateries which we´ll be going back.  Had a fantabulous grilled prawns there, and their Argentinian steaks sounded good too.  Another place was in Fanabe which we found out is about 45 minutes walking distance from the hotel.  Nice walk if you´re up for it but not in the midday sun.

We went to Santa Cruz yesterday by public bus yesterday. Took us an hour and 10 minutes one way.  We wanted to try to get a special permit to climb the volcano. Alas, they next date they were issuing was after we had left.  Walked around Santa Cruz a bit.  It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be.  Rather than a beach town, it´s definitely a port city.  Checked out a few shops for their air-conditioning, coz it was so hot at 2 pm and became progressively grumpier as the minutes wore on.  Eventually we made it back to the bus stop and caught the bus back to our hotel to continue lolling around the pool.  Mental note: Don´t go out in the early afternoon in the height of summer. There is a reason why they invented the siesta.