When I grew up, my friends and I used to say this a lot.  I dunno why.  Maybe it was a cultural thing.  Thing is, with hindsight, I’ve realised it’s a stupid mantra. Sure, it was probably first said to ensure you don’t get too big for your boots. Nobody likes the person who’s arrogant, proud etc.  But, I think it also keeps the person small with the lack of self-acknowledgment with an achievement, on the same scale with the inability to accept a compliment.

I thought of this phrase as I was reflecting on all the blogs I’d posted this month. I had a goal that I would aim to write a post every day. And sure, there are a couple of gaps, but I made a huge effort this month than any other month whilst my blog has been up.  So I’ve done well.  I know it, I acknowledge it.  Yet in the same second as I thought that, the words “Self praise is no praise” popped in, and suddenly it was all that I could think of.

How difficult it is to work against our conditioning, no matter how enlightened we think we are.

Truth of the matter is, I know I won’t get any praise from you lot, so I’m now creating a new mantra “Self praise is better than no praise.” Now to see if I can re-condition my brain …