Admittedly, I was a little nervous about going to school.  I hadn’t done much in the school scene and I really didn’t know many parents.  Also, it felt strange to be socialising on the last day of school. But I’m not one to give up and did wonder whether I would meet celebrity mom. Yes, for those of you wondering, we have a celebrity mom at school. I only found out about 6 months ago, and since then had spotted celebrity mom, but not actually met her.  To be honest, I think her pretty cool to send her kids to the local school.  I was quite surprised since I thought they would do the snooty thing and send their kids to a private school – or … was that a public school?  And by the way, how is a Grammar School different?  I never get all that.  … Anyway, the ones where you have to pay lots of dosh.

The little one was pretty excited. I think it hadn’t hit him that it was his last day.  He ran off into school, whilst I hung around like a “lemon” (see previous post) waiting for the day to begin. Losing courage, I “decided” to make a call to a friend in France. That seemed like the thing to do. “I just need to step away and make a call to France.” That sounds really good, doesn’t it? But really, I did – have to make a call to France.

I had brought everything: video camera, digital camera, all charged up for the assembly. (Again, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see previous posts.)  Quite a few parents were there, and I hung around the ones that I knew.  Strangely, all the people I knew were working moms, had been working moms or were part-time working moms.  Alpha moms were there, but no sign of celebrity mom.

I did not realise that the little one was going to get the most important award. I was just thinking that it was going to be one award in amongst several little awards.  So I knew, and I didn’t.  He got the Governors Award for Outstanding Performance.  Wow!  He got the only cup, with his name on it.  They were acknowledging him for his hard work.  But, more importantly, they were impressed with level of interest he took in seeking feedback on application. Teacher had mentioned this to me before. I was pleased to hear it since it meant that something of my nagging, I mean, good advice,  was sinking in.  But for him to be recognised for it, that was pretty cool.  It meant that he is exhibiting a behaviour that children of his age don’t normally do.  My cup runneth over … with a few tears, as I felt so very proud of him.  And of me too, since it was also an acknowledgment of the work we’ve done.

Remember the earlier post when all other moms, including Alpha moms weren’t interested?  Well, they were a bit more friendly, as opposed to being polite.  I suppose the outsider had suddenly captured their attention.  Anyway, at coffee later, it became a conversation opener.  OMG! I can see why parents live through their children, because their kids’ achievements immediately give them status.  Status, just for one day, I had status.  (It’d be so funny, if it wasn’t just a little bit sad.  And anyway, I’m not playing this game.)

But here’s what status can do for you.  You get invited to coffee after, and get to meet celebrity mom (who also happened to be at coffee. No, she wasn’t the reward).  Actually, celebrity mom bought me a hot chocolate.  Ha ha, not what you think.  She put sugar in my hot chocolate by mistake and got another one for me. Don’t know about you, but I just can’t drink hot chocolate with 2 teaspoons of sugar.  Other than that, she politely asked how long I had been in the school etc, and “was that your child that won the award?”.  Snap! The matching game again.  And then I was iced out.

Cool, been there, done that.  Skin quite thick now, thank you very much.  That’s fine, all I was thinking was that I am now 1 degree separated from the entire cast of Friends. Snap! that.