People say the British are polite. But I also think that some of them are politely impolite. Now, don’t let this mess with your head. Being polite is different to being friendly, like chalk and cheese.

Okay, this is too much of a generalisation. I’m talking about the school moms scene. It’s a tough gig to break into. t’s like it’s difficult for the working mom to break into the non-working mom scene.  Trying being polite and saying “hi” to a group of gals.  Sometimes you are semi acknowledged and then completely iced out altogether. They’re definitely not rude, it’s just that they’re not friendly. It takes some getting used to, and then as a friend of mine said, “why am I even allowing myself to be bothered by this?” Yes, even highly important-woman-exec-with-higher-paying-job-than-husband went through this.

Interestingly, (some) moms here don’t introduce themselves as an individual.  (Again, notice how I’m trying to qualify and not generalise.) They introduce yourself as so-and-so’s mum.  Great.  Actually, it’s useless, since I don’t know who so-and-so is, so I can’t do the match-up game.  Maybe it’s a game of Snap! I just haven’t cottoned on to it.

I think it’s a way of introducing yourself when you don’t want to introduce yourself.  Anyway, it seems strange (to me) not to introduce yourself by name.  I am an individual with a name, just like my child is an individual with a name.  My child is not an accessory to me, nor am I an accessory to him. But then I’ve always been interested to know people as individuals first, and their connections later.

At least, I’m not the only one. The newcomers I’ve spoken to have experienced being cut out of the loop, even Britons who are newcomers to the area. The clique moms, like those girl groups in high school. No, I’m not the only one, even though sometimes it feels like it. So, take a deep breath and have a bright smile to anyone prepared to catch your eye, and, like another Brit mom said, be ready to look “like a lemon sitting by yourself.”

Never heard of this phrase. Must be a Brit thing.