I took some time off work to attend the school leavers’ assembly.  I was told by the other parents that it was nice to attend, but mainly because the head teacher came and told me, “You should attend. It will be very nice.”  Well, with an invitation that hints at imperative advice, how could I refuse?  So I had to scrabble to organise my work so that I would be free today, have a couple of conversations with my bosses (yes, I have several depending on my projects), and Bob’s your uncle! I found half a day for the last day of school.

I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic to be honest. Quite frankly, I’m being reminded of my last day of school in Primary 6 way back when. Actually, I can’t remember that day.  I more remember pockets of time during the year – of climbing 3 floors everyday to get to our classroom, which was quite breezy since it was on the 3rd floor.  Of being left relatively alone once we finished our leaving examinations.  Of a very naughty school girl and her now very good friend.  Of rounders.  Of never seeing some of those people I went to school again.  Of Mills n Boon which I had started reading by then. Of Mrs De Souza – I have fond memories of her and she had the most beautiful handwriting.  Of feeling rather grown up, whilst at a stage of still growing up.

I suppose that’s what the little one feels – feeling grown up whilst still growing up.  Anyway, it’s their last day of school.  I suppose the kids are all excited. I feel a bit sad for the little one because he’ll not see some of them again.  In the same way that I felt, when he left his school in Sydney.  I think some part of him knows that now.

We spent the evening before preparing stuff.  I normally don’t do this.  I haven’t bothered in earlier years.  I got a gift and a thank you card for the teacher.  (Maybe also a bit of guilt at my end for the fuss I made last week.)  I dug out the remnants of our Australian pens that the little one gave away last year when he first arrived at the school.  He could give some away as a last reminder.  Charged up the video.  And prepared little contact me cards that he could hand out to his friends.  I custom-made every one of those cards, using coloured felt pens that hadn’t been used since the day we had bought them.  Sigh.  Brought back a bit of school memories for me.

I think I’ll go find a colouring book now and sit and colour for a bit….