I have to say it was a wonderful production, and by some accounts better than the night before. Some said the children really got into it, and it really hung together. There was romantic tension, anger, jealousy – all acted by children who hopefully will not know all this for a few years yet.  Some of the singing was just marvellous. The lead actress for Maria has a lovely singing voice.  And the choreography for some of the dances and costumes just fantastic.  All this in a little school play of 1 hr 45 minutes in a little school hall. It was thoroughly enjoyable and they all looked like they had fun and enjoyed being on stage.

The best scene I liked was the Made in America scene with all the girls dancing about in their colourful costumes.  I suppose they this scene to give all the girls had opportunity to participate, given that it’s a play mainly dominated by male characters.

Watching the little one … sigh. Am getting used to that the little one is not so little anymore. Our one played the character of Diesel and stood about the stage look quite fierce in rolled up sleeves and slicked back hair. I still baby him sometimes, but he is growing up fast.  Anyway, I thought he was brilliant, and really getting into his character and putting his full energy into it.  I don’t think he over acted … actually none of the children did. I think that speaks to the strength of the directing.