Am working hard, trying to do a post everyday.  Guess I’m trying to make up for the 2 months where I didn’t post anything. So consider this a “nothing” post whilst I think about more stuff I can write about.  It can be difficult to think about something new and interesting to write everyday. For one, I’m forced to think about whether my life is interesting, whether I’m doing something interesting and whether it is worth talking about.  All of those things should be an automatic “Yes”. However, the filters that go on within our heads automatically and almost unconsciously discount a topic or subject as uninteresting. My first thought then is “Oh, there’s nothing to write about.”  Everyday, I have to challenge myself that this is not true and find something. This is where the “hard work” is. Everyday, I challenge myself to write something positive, or interesting. It means I don’t dwell (or dwell less) on the things that are negative.

Many years ago, I used to watch Oprah religiously.  I still would I suppose, but I no longer subscribe to the right cable channel.  During this time, Oprah was on about the Gratitude Journal.  The idea of a Gratitude Journal is to write about something that you are grateful for everyday.  It doesn’t matter how small it is, or how lame it may sound. What it does is that it keeps building until gratitude fills your life and that you are grateful for that day because …. just because.

For those who are religious, it’s like the prayer of thanks. But a journal has one-up on prayer in that you can flick the pages and remember all the things you were grateful for. Us humans, we are a forgetful lot and need lots of reminders.

If I don’t write in my blog, I will one day forget the wonderful experiences I’ve had, or my recollection of it will mellow over time.  Hence the discipline of one a day.  Difficult though it is, I know that my future self will be very grateful that I did it.