The screen in front of the quoire, with statues of the first kings of England beginning with William the Conqueror.

Just a post script. You can use any movie as a travel guide, but I liked Bourne Identity because it covers so many locations of cities I’ve enjoyed.  (And Berlin is up there as one of my favourite cities in the world.) I can think of the Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter guide, Elizabeth, or the Bridget Jones “travel” guides.

Actually, I have seen a city guide tour covering the filming locations of Bridget Jones.  Maybe I shall do this one stay. I know I’ve stumbled across a couple of locations. One is the fighting scene where Darcy and the other chap go fighting in the fountain. This is the fountain in Kensington Gardens near Lancaster Gate.  The other scene is Darcy’s house where Bridget goes to visit and the other “girl” there.  This is in King Street in Richmond.

We’ve seen the geometric stairs in Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets. This can be found in St Paul’s Cathedral.  You need to go on a guided tour to see this.  The crowing of Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett) was filmed in York Minster Cathedral in York, as they could not do this in Westminster Abbey. I’m sure Richmond Park would have been used filming but I’ve not yet seen it in a film that I recognise.

It’s not that I go chasing for the locations.  More that I stumble across them, and so I suppose it’s what makes it fun.  Sometimes, there is a moment where I have to pinch myself, when I think I’m at a place I’d never thought I’d come. After all, it is one spot in a hundred million locations around the world.  And standing at a spot which is part of a scene that I had seen that I watched as an audience without ever the thought that I seen that particular spot.

Maybe it’s that – the wonderment of the unimagined becoming real.