I’m sitting at home watching The Bourne Identity with the family. This is the Matt Damon version. Not sure if people remember but there was a Richard Chamberlain version of The Bourne Identity.

When I last watched this movie (Matt Damon version, not Richard Chamberlain) more than 2 years ago, I hadn’t been to a single place in the movie.  Europe was very far away from my mind.  Watching through the various scenes, we’ve just realised how much we have travelled in the last 18 months.  Berlin, Paris, London – in each major scene, we’ve recognised some part of the landscape, or have even been there ourselves, right down to the La Defense building in Paris.  So cool.

We enjoy the Bourne series of movies. It’s fast action, relatively good story lines, and filmed in lots of locations in Europe and London. It’s also a great visual reminder to me of how many places I’ve now visited.