Summer 2010

It took a while coming.  We had some fantastic weather in the 2nd half of April, which disappeared for much of May. Fortunately, the last 3 weeks of June have been glorious.  For a while there, I was thinking that England didn’t know how to put on a good summer. But I have been proved wrong.  They can put on a great summer.  Hope it lasts.  In fact, some days when it’s getting towards 30 degrees, it’s getting too hot for them. Who knows, maybe they’ll start complaining that it’s a heat wave soon.

Summer solstice passed 2 weeks ago and I’ve noticed the day getting slowly shorter. We still have plenty of daylight, but it feels kinda sad that it can only go “downhill” from here.  Anyway, am still enjoying that it’s light at 9.30 pm, though no doubt in the depths of winter I will marvel at it ever being light and bright at 4.30 pm.  Watch me moan in a few months. 🙂

Anyway, with the World Cup on, lovely sunshine, and our exciting August holidays coming up, it’s been quite perfect. Perfection doesn’t come too often, or not recognised often enough, so I’ll just simply enjoy for the minute.