After queuing like good little vegemites, we were given our polling cards, and promptly told 3 votes for Local Council and 1 vote for General.  Cool.  But where were the campaign flyers to remind me who I was voting for for Local?  Oh dear.  Voter break down.  Much prefer the Australian way where you get flyers thrown at you right into the polling booth.  Other than that, it’s all the same really, except that the voting card had a serial number, which I don’t think Australia has.

Not sure about the news reports this morning about long queues of voters who did not get a chance to vote before booths closed at 10 pm.  Now apparently they are calling for an inquiry.  Huh?  Hallo!  The card said booths were open from 7 am to 10 pm.  You had 15 hours to vote.  You chose to turn up at 9.30 pm during the after dinner rush.  That’s your fault.  Live with it.