One thing about getting into the habit, is that it is a lot harder than staying in the habit … of doing things.  And getting out of the habit is so easy.  I notice all the reasons about why I shouldn’t do something today.  A bit like exercise really.  So, here’s a renewed commitment to writing contributing something to the blog everyday – again.  Afterall, spring is here, daylight savings is back on, the days are longer and there are lots more to report on.  Oh yes, things got a bit quiet over winter. After all, not much to report on if all I can talk about is the weather, work (which I can’t talk about), and doing the laundry. Mundane stuff.  Notice the reasons and excuses.

Oh and here’s another reason why I haven’t been writing … I write a lot of stuff for work!  I should give myself a break.

And another reason for further delay … Oh I can’t find the photo to go with the blog, so I’ll write it when I’ve found the right photo.

Whatever!  No more reasons.  Getting into the habit again.

Must be like Enid Blyton. No, not for being the cold fish that she was.  It’s her commitment to getting through 8,000 words each day. Of course, I won’t do that.  Let me play a small game, here’s to 1,000 blog words each day. ….. just checking my word count at the minute, and I’m still way off base!

Okay. This might take a while … Thanks for bearing with me.