All of a sudden, the chill went, and the warmer days are here. Okay, when I say warm, I don’t mean like 20 or 30 degrees C.  However, that the day’s high is around 13 or 14 degrees is pretty nice and the nights now around 4 or 5. It means we can leave the windows open and not start shivering in half a second.  The day starts much earlier as well. It’s so fantastic.  It’s been creeping a long, and then suddenly it is so very noticeably brighter and lighter in the morning and warmer.  I’m thinking about bikes and cycling, and I’m thinking cool, there’ll be another 7 months of this.  How lovely.

Spring also smells and sounds different. The winter haze mutes a lot of sounds, but things are sounding noisier, I can hear the birds chirping, the planes flying (though not the BA ones since only a few of them are flying at the minute because of the strike.) And I really get a sense of “emergence”, of renewal.

I think daylight savings will start this weekend, so though it means that it will be brighter later in the morning, our evenings will end at 7.30.  Yeah!