Apparently, now is the time when parents start to ask you what you are doing for the holidays. I don’t mean the half-term coming up, I’m talking about way out there ….. in August. Admittedly, I’ve become more organised with booking holidays. When I first got here, I got quite overwhelmed with the choice of holiday destinations. There’s still a lot to see, but I guess, having been to some places already, it becomes easier to find other destinations to go to as you can just eliminate them one by one.

So yes, I’ve already thought of holidays all the way to next year in February.  Haven’t booked any, mind you, but the thinking is going on.  Sigh, so many places, so little time.

Anyway, I can’t believe it! Half-term is in only 2 weeks away and I feel like the kids only got started for the term only 2 weeks ago.