Jetty and boat in the Thames during the Big Freeze. All snow is gone from London and river is full and fast flowing due to the snow melt.

The Big Freeze from 3 weeks ago is well and truly over for us in London. No even a little bit of snow in sight! Admittedly, after a week or so of the snow, ice on the ground, I grew a little tired of it, preferring rain instead.  At least it wasn’t inconvenient and I worried less about travelling on the trains.  For a while there, there were reports of forthcoming snow but I’ve also now learnt (again) that everyone likes to talk about the weather, weather reporters get very excited about snow, and that they get it wrong anyway.

So, no more snow, traffic is back to normal, and kids are back at school.  No more sliding up Richmond Hill – to be honest, I was most surprised by this experience, and by how thick the ice become.  It was like ice-skating on very lumpy grey ice.  Now that it’s drizzling (sometimes), weather complaints have now moved onto how grey it is, how cold it is etc. And I think no one is going to be happy until the long summer days are back (without the heat wave).

For what it’s worth, I have, overall, found the weather quite bearable and not as bad as I thought it was going to be. True, some days were very cold and I got very ill as well. Before I came to England, I was a bit worried about the weather and the long nights, and I have found it perfectly just fine so far.

Having said that, it helped that I went and got all the warm stuff – shoes, thermals etc.  I think if you’re not in the right types of clothes, it is definitely miserable.  I’m still struggling with gloves. Can’t seem to find a pair that’ll keep my fingers warm, without having to buy ski goves. But overall, am happy to say that I am not going slightly mad with the weather.  And may I add now that I can visibly see light inching longer each day, I find it really quite exciting and am looking forward to Spring.