Big time gap since the Big Freeze, but was busy being sick and well the internet was “sick”.

Whinge #1

In true Pom style, I have to have a whinge.  Hey! When in Rome … Virgin Media Broadband, suddenly conks out.  We ring up Virgin, only to be told it can’t be resent remotely and that a technician has to come out. Not sure about you, but we really don’t have time to wait around for a technicians to turn up, and the next available date was a whole week and a half.  So, we had to wait and wait and wait.  Technician finally turns up, and says, “Ah, this was something that the customer support people could’ve reset remotely.”  Aaargh!  Frustration-plus.  And not just at this incident, but it just another example of how poor customer support is in this country.  And the saddest thing about it, is that I’ve heard that Virgin’s the best of a bad lot and relatively speaking, their customer support is better than the rest.  I’ve heard the other cable companies, don’t even bother to turn up.

Whinge #2

I fell ill with the cold, and felt utterly miserable.  I was cold, I couldn’t get warm enough when I was outside, the cold air down my throat would aggravate my cough, and then I would end up spluttering.  I felt very sorry for myself, and I felt like I would never be well again.  Thankfully, there are such things as antibiotics and doctors, or more accurately, practice nurses, and I got sorted out quickly.  Still it took about 10 days of feeling miserable and rather sorry for meself.

Okay. Whinge over!

Well, 2 weeks on, the Big Freeze and fizzled and there is now no snow left in London.  But I can’t believe the chaos and drama when the snow was on.  To be honest, I was quite surprised at how inadequately prepared the local authorities were for snow. Also, I was quite surprised at how much the media would also “talk up” about the dangers of the snow. Don’t get me wrong – snow is dangerous and can be deadly. Completely acknowledge it.  Of course, the solution seems to be to “Be Prepared”.  Individuals, local councils and government all do their little bit to “BE PREPARED”.

It seems this is a foreign concept – where snow is concerned.  I couldn’t even believe that we would even have discussions about not having enough grit and salt in the country to deal with the snow.  It’s not like this is modern technology. Just takes the will and the money to make sure the country is well-stocked, and then some. However, when the failure to “Be Prepared” happens year after year, seems to me to be a definite gap.