Fur lined suede Russell & Bromley boots.

I stood outside the Russell & Bromley shop for a little while.  I had seen a pair of suede boots that I thought was “interesting”. To be honest, I was “afraid” to go in. I felt I knew what would happen.  Anyway, I went in.  After all I was only there to try boots on. I wasn’t going to buy.  No buying.

The shop keeper pulled the boots off the shelf.  The minute I got my hands on them, I thought they were the softest thing in the world.  The fur on the inside of so soft and smooth, and felt absolutely cool as I slid my feet into the boot.  It was a perfect fit.  Walked around abit.  Flat heel, so I wouldn’t break an ankle walking on cobblestones, and warm and toasty up the calf.  Ooooh, temptation.  But they are so lovely.  No buying.  Trying boots on for size.  Oooh, they are so lovely.  No buying.

Except that I spent the next day fantasizing about these boots.  You know its love at first sight when you can’t get it out of your mind.  And I just couldn’t.  It was a sign to get the credit card ready.

These are the most expensive shoes I have bought in my life and I love it!  It’s good that hubby loves it too.  Makes the buying a little bit easier, though he’s a bit concerned I might be developing a taste for expensive shoes.  I did drop a big fat hint that if he ever wanted to buy me anything, he could just buy anything from Russell & Bromley and I would love it.

Thing is, I’ve been wearing these boots for just over a month and it’s been fantastic!  It’s a major reason why I’ve managed not to feel too cold in the winter.  I’ve been wearing them just about every day, and it’s been quite hardy in snowy conditions.  Big grips on the soles make it so much easier to walk about and they’ve been absolutely comfortable.  Definitely the best buy I’ve made this winter.