Since I got my new Kindle (well, Kindle isn’t quite so new, it’s about 3 months old now, but I digress), I’ve taken to re-reading some of the old classics that I had to read as part of GCE studies. I’m hoping that the passage of (substantial) time will mean that I will find greater pleasure in these books, than the pressure I felt in having to pass exams.

One of the first books I have taken to re-reading is Sons and Lovers by D H Lawrence. Since high school, I’ve not read any DH Lawrence. May I say, that my edition of Sons and Lovers seems to be a different book than I remember having to study for. Let’s just say, we must have studied the abridged version, though the teachers at school did not tell us that. All these “paragraphs” with Miriam and Clara … Let’s just say that for a moment, I thought I was reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover (which I haven’t read – yet), or an early edition of Mills and Boon. And here I thought the chapter where Clara Dawes and Paul Morel were picnicking in the woods, and where Clara had cherries hanging off her ears, was about as risqué as it got.

I hope Silas Marner or Jane Eyre is going to prove as interesting a new read as Sons and Lovers is.