Fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night, not NYE 2010.

Today is Friday, 1 January 2010.  It’s the first day of the new year and we are spending it in London.  It’s quite bright and sunny and I am relishing in it before the grey clouds creep in and make it all dark again.  Waking up is extremely difficult at the moment.  We are still hungover from Christmas where we got used to waking up at 10.30 am and sleeping at 3 am.  Anyway, today I got up at 8.30 am but did not physically move until around 9.30 am.  An improvement, if you ask me.

Being the first day of the new year is traditionally an “important” time for me.  Aside from recovering the night before, I am often wondering what will be my “crowning” achievement for 2010 – in other words, resolutions.  I don’t know that I am very good at New Year’s resolutions.  I make the usual ones – exercise, career goals – but I usually don’t achieve it or get distracted by something else.  I think though that goal planning is important, for how else will one know how they got there?  Ultimately, I think I haven’t been inspired by any goals I’ve come up with in previous years.

The other thing that I’ve often done is just gone “It’s a new year, let’s just forget about the old one.” Okay, every body’s year is both good and bad, but habit dictates that I often focus on the bad stuff that happened and can’t remember the good stuff.  Really not very good, I agree, but it’s human nature.  Afterall, we, all of us, are all experts at catching flights.  But I’ll bet that if you’ve missed a flight, you remember the flight you missed, not the many you did not.

In 2009, I kept a diary, like never before.  I jotted down lots of different tasks I had to do, and appointments I had to keep, holidays I had to keep track of etc.  I’ve kept a diary for years, but really not as organised as I had to be in 2009.  It’s been a real pleasure flicking through the pages of my 2009 diary.  Wow, I’ve done so much and was it really nearly a year ago that I did that?

Mind you, I still haven’t completed all the many tasks on my To Do List (I’m not that organised) but I got a lot done. Still haven’t worked out my 2010 resolutions, but I know that will come in time  when I’ve spent time reflecting on what I’ve achieved in 2009. At the minute, my mind’s a blank, but it will come to me. It may yet still include the obligatory “losing kilos”.