Christmas Tree that went missing but was re-discovered.

Hubby found the christmas tree in one go.  It was (he says) in the first box he looked.  Well, I say, that the first box he looked must have been the last box I looked.  Anyway, he had the benefit of daylight too.  Searching for stuff in the garage with a torch is not easy.  I probably wouldn’t have made a very good thief.  Anyway, am very happy as our tree is up.

For me, there’s also something special about Christmas tree decorations. I always get a special feeling when I put them up. The reason is there’s always something in there that’s a memory from my past.  Yes, I have the usual baubles etc, and they remind me of how every year I try to get a colour co-ordinated tree and fail (because I want to put up my other christmas tree decorations or that I’m very bad with colours.)  There are decorations there from years ago, when we first came to Australia and it reminds me of a hot christmas at 40 degrees’ celsius in the patio of our house in Perth.  I remember the people who were there at the time, and who now are no longer in our lives.  There’s the angel on top of the tree that we picked up on our honeymoon in the States many moons ago.  There’s a couple from a trip to San Francisco, and from there I recollect a side trip to Vancouver where I met my cousins, one of whom has now passed on.

The little one has his favourites with Anakin and Luke Skywalker slashing their across the tree, and Obi Wan Kenobi giving Luke the sabre that his father wanted him to have. He remembers when Santa came to give him his green light sabre and the excitement he had at the thought that Santa could climb down the air-conditioning vents of the hotel we were staying in at the time.  We laugh as he now accuses us of eating the cookie that he left out for Santa and drinking half of Santa’s milk, and we recollect our many Santa moments and all the gifts that Santa “brought”.

These come out every year and gets put away 12 days after Christmas, never to be seen until 11 months later. And each time, when I put the decorations on the tree up, there’s a moment when I sit on the floor and just look at these decorations.  I feel them through my fingers, touch their little faces before putting them up the tree. It seems really strange to me that there is all this emotional investment in what is otherwise shaped plastic or foam. Maybe, like the personal diary or journal, it isn’t the paper or ink, but the experiences of life that it hints at.

Every year I try to buy a new decoration. I didn’t buy it last year as we were then in such a rush to get our lives into order for the move to London.  I haven’t bought one this year because well, I thought I wouldn’t have a tree to hang it up on.  I think I’ll change that today.