Ducked off to Kingston last night to return this pair of jeggings I had bought at Primark.  Traffic was slow because this is London, and not (I think) because of the snow that fell today.  Did my errand at Primark and then wandered off to look at the other shops in Kingston.  We ended up at the Christmas markets and had a Bratwurst sandwich that really hit the spot.

It wasn’t too crowded at the shops as many closed for the evening.  Maybe it’ll get more crowded next week.  We visited John Lewis which is huge.  Like an airport terminal.  The Waitrose downstairs is also heaps bigger than the express shop in Richmond.  In fact, just about everything is bigger than Richmond.  Anyway, John Lewis isn’t squishy like in Oxford Street and is definitely a nicer shopping experience.

I spent more time in Bentalls because most of the shops were open there, and it allowed us to stay out of the cold.  Ended up getting some Christmas presents there.  We also discovered a Japanese place called Sartori.  It wasn’t too expensive, and was actually quite tasty.  Much better than Matsuba in Richmond, which is “okay”.  Sartori had a great kids boat which was excellent value.  I tried the sushi platter and the egg noodles in soup.  Hubby tried the unagi.  We might come back and try their sushi train another day and their gyoza.  Probably after the festive season is over.

Overall, we were quite pleased with our little night outing in Kingston.  I do marvel at how I had completely failed to discover it for 6 months.  It still doesn’t compare with Westfield London, but it is easy to get to and most of the regular high street shops are there so you’re not missing much.