Well, we’ve looked and looked and my goodness, I can’t find our plastic christmas tree in any of our boxes. Of course, it was dusk when I was searching and searching by torch is never very effective.  PS. I say dusk, because it was 4 pm in the afternoon and dusk for me is like 6 pm.  Anyhow, checked the not-so-big apartment and still not christmas tree.

We thought about getting a real tree, but then I felt very environmentally unfriendly.  Having purchased my environmentally unfriendly christmas tree, I felt it didn’t help to purchase another tree to die. Besides, I didn’t know how I was going to get it up the hill.  Real christmas trees are about GBP 10 a foot, so a 6 ft tree is …. well, you can do the math.  Still I don’t miss the decorations as much this year – not that there are a lot of decorations everywhere. Rather, the weather makes it seem much more real.  Don’t need to pretend it’s cold outside when it is – know what I mean.

And right now, looking outside the window, it looks mighty cold.  They saw snow is on the way, but it just looks frosty.  I suppose snow is the nice bit.  The awful one is sleet which is also on its way.  Well, like an old family friend once said to me (sadly I just found out he passed on yesterday morning), when you cook a nice meal, you also have to wash the pots.