Right, it’s been a while since the last post, and I was trying very desperately to put something up everyday. But I got busy at the office, and between posting parcels and going out for dinner, well, there wasn’t time left for inspired writing. I supposed that was where the problem began. I thought I had to write something inspirational.  Well, it wasn’t a thought but a sense that it had to be good.  That was the problem.  So I probably thought I didn’t have an inspirational thought and didn’t write anything.  Okay, so much for psycho-babbling.

We’ve been incredibly busy.  Between catching up with people before Christmas, thinking about what to cook, attending activities at school, horse riding lessons, birthday parties, christmas party, christmas sightseeing, shopping (retail and online) and working, well, there’s just not been much time for blogging.  This weekend we have horse riding lessons and dropping off my son for a sleepover, then maybe a bit of shopping, and then Sunday a lot of food shopping and then lunch and then cooking dinner.  This now takes us to Christmas week.  Now this is going to busy also.

We’re busier here than we were in Australia. I suppose that’s a good thing, though it implies our not-doing-much is bad.  Not really, I suppose. I like not doing much. It’s kinda good.

Which comes to my next point. I am looking forward to Christmas and New Year and not doing much.  It’s been a big year of doing a lot.  Besides it’s really cold out there, and staying indoors and not doing much sounds pretty good to me right now.