Today’s weather was not only wet, it was windy and cold. My hands were chilled and I felt like I had stuck them in the freezer for a while.  I carried a big umbrella to the office, but big umbrellas are not a good idea.  The wind picks up underneath it and it becomes quite difficult to manage.  Water collected everywhere.  I can see that it would be have been useful for me to have bought those wellies weeks ago when the weather was dry.  But then it didn’t feel like it would ever rain.  Anyway, the rain is here.  And  I would have to say, it is like wild and wooly weather in Sydney.

It’s been so cold it feels like the flat would not heat up.  I have the temperature at 22 degrees.  Previously, the flat would be hot by now.  But so much heat gets lost through the windows, and the curtains are way too thin to keep the heat in.  I’ll just have to look for new curtains for this rental flat.

The water from the taps are icy cold.  I keep forgetting to turn on the hot water mixer.

We were in Richmond Park again on the weekend. It’s been a few weeks and even in such a short space of time, the trees look really different.  They’ve shed all their leaves.  There is a slight mist in the air, even though it was a sunny day on the weekend. From our flat, we can now see for miles across the way, now that the trees have shed their leaves.

Even though we have lots of lights in the flat, everything always feels a little bit dim. Or rather, it feels like it’s not bright enough.  Maybe I need to invest in flourescent or daylight light bulbs.  Anyway, I’m getting used to all this. I’m not complaining. Rather, I’m quite focussed on shopping to see what I can buy to stay warm.  I figured that if I’m sufficiently warm and toasty, I’ll be able to enjoy the cold better.  However, ask me in a few months.  I might have gotten tired of it all by then.

So winter has begun. And I can’t believe it’s December already.  Where has the year gone?