Carrying on with my story of boots, I decided to go searching for boots on eBay.  Afterall, there were so many brand new pairs, and almost new pairs that were being sold.  There were loads of people selling their boots because they had too many, hardly wore it, etc. Of course, this is what they were saying.

I’ve had people ask me how I can even buy second hand stuff on eBay.  I mean, I used to have this reaction too, like “it’s okay for some but not for me”. And that’s okay. But as I was selling stuff on eBay, I realised that a lot of stuff that I was selling was actually still in good condition, some of it literally looked and felt brand new.  It made me think that there were many others out there who were selling stuff just to make space, more than anything else.  And they did not want to organise a garage sale.

How I started buying clothes and shoes on eBay is that I started buying them for my son. It started with the Heelys. We bought them at full price, and it was about AUD$159.95 at Rebel sports. Then his feet grew and we needed to get the next size up.  I thought I’d jump on eBay to see what was there, and there were Heelys there for $29.90 starting. Yes, they were secondhand, but they are still in pretty good condition, not unlike the pair that my son just grew out of.  And a saving for over $100 is nothing to scoff at.

The next item was camouflage trousers.  I had happened to see it on eBay and my son really loves camouflage and was outgrowing his old pair, so I gave it a shot and bought it. And it’s a pretty good pair, still going strong despite getting washed every week.

A few months later, I was bored and was browsing and decided to bid for a piece of clothing for myself. It wasn’t anything I particularly liked or wanted, but just wanted to see what it was like.  All I can say is that there are some pretty good things out there, if you’re looking for them. Of course, you have to “learn” how to read a photo, read the description, read between the lines and definitely check out the seller’s feedback rating. Also, what I learnt is to only shop for branded items.  I have sometimes gotten a little bit excited and did not follow my “rules”. What I found was that the item, whilst nothing wrong, wasn’t where I would like it to be. Ok, straight into the charity bin. You win some, you lose some.

Anyway, that’s how I started.  So now you know.

The trouble with shopping for clothes in UK, is that the category is huge.  There’s over 100,000 items listed in that category alone. (Australia is defnitely less.) Inventory is everything, and people like their clothes here, and there are a lot of branded items out there.  There are also a lot of shoppers like me out there too, so they don’t go as cheap as you think it would.  But it’s still definitely heaps cheaper than on the High Street.  Sometimes if you’re lucky, you can snipe the item at the very last minute.  And sometimes you are just very unlucky.  That’s it.

I guess that’s what makes it fun for me.  It’s really more the hunt.  I think I love that eBay ad they had last year in Australia with the bargain hunters out looking for a lamp or a picture fram or something.  That’s defnitely me.  Every night I browse and slowly build my winter clothes collection, whilst it means I don’t have to go out onto the High Street with bags, coats, scarves in tow to try clothes on in the fitting room.

What else have I bought?  I bought my Wii, kitted my son out in his horseriding gear, DVDs, perfume, printer inks, lamp shade, and books.  It’s also saved me time from having to browse at the shops and figure out how to bring it back, eg Wii.

What else can I say?  It’s definitely my cup of tea.