For the longest time that I remember, I’ve always liked shoes.  In my youth, I bought a lot of shoes.  I particularly like court shoes.  Not too crash hot about sandles.  I also had to buy them in every colour just so that I could match whatever it is I was wearing.  Of course, my collection isn’t as intense anymore, and it’s whittled down quite considerably.  Fashion moved on, colours moved on, and well, the leather moved on, too!  A few years ago, I started collecting shoes again.  Interestingly, it coincided with the time I visited Malaysia and Singapore.  Hmm, I wonder if there is a connection …

Anyway, boots weren’t a big thing in my life.  I really only started wearing boots in the last 6 years.  I bought my first pair of ankle boots and still have it.  It’s been through everything: rain, hail, snow and shine.  It’s still going strong, though it’s a bit scuffed and is squarish at the front.  As you can tell, fashion has moved on from when I bought my first pair of boots.

My second pair of boots was a mad purchase 2 years later.  I bought these cowboy boots.  Hubby thought they were very ugly, but I just thought it was different.  Maybe that’s 2 sides of the same coin.  I really liked it, though I didn’t wear it often, as the soles were so smooth that I kept slipping.  They were very warm, but it was quite difficult getting them on, and particularly gettin’ ’em off.  Usually, my sock got left behind and I got a stitch in my belly from being in a cramped position.

My 3rd pair of boots are a pair of knee highs soft faux suede with a zipper at the side.  I love these boots.  They are at just the right height, and even though they are a stiletto, the heel is centrally located such that you get very good balance on them (code for: your back hurts less).  Anyway, love ’em.  They are hardy, they wear well, still look good with the pointy style.  But again, fashion has moved on from that, though I can still get away with wearing these boots.  Only problem is that they are not so good in the wet, so I have to be careful that the day is not a wet one when I wear these. (Actually, that’s a problem for all my shoes. They’re just not built for the English weather.)

A year later, I was shopping in the states and Nine West was having a sale, so I thought I would take a look.  I ended up with a fabulous gold suede ankle boot with a gold 3 inch heel.  Now this is an eye catcher.  (It’s also a back killer.) The problem is, there’s not a lot of places you’d wear it to to catch someone’s eye.  Cocktails and “do’s” would mainly be it.  Still, I’m loath to part with it.

A year later, I was in the US again, and picked up from another Nine West store having yet another shoe sale a 3 inch knee high leather boots.  Alas, I wear it seldom as 3 inches is simply way to high for me.  But I hang onto it just in case I need to look good standing in one spot.  No occasion for that one yet – standing in one spot, I mean.

So I’ve come to England with my small but respectable stash.  Some I’ve worn to death, others I have not for fear of tripping/slipping on cobblestones.  I just sold my cowboy boots on eBay because the shoe shrank!  Yes, you heard me, my shoes shrank.  Probably dodgy leather from that Paddy’s markets vendor.  Anyway, they sold for 99p on eBay, which probably vindicates Hubby’s theory that they were ugly.  I have a different theory.  I just didn’t price it right for a “limited” market.  Humph!  Anyway, one less thing to clutter my life with.

Being in England, I’ve realised that boots are not just a fashionable item, though of course they are. They perform the very important function of keeping your legs warm.  When we had the cold snap (yes, I call it a cold snap and I hear there’s a long cold snap coming), I really found they made a huge difference to me.  The other thing I noticed is that there are so many beautiful boots in the stores in all the beautiful colours.  The ones I love best are leather knee hights, flat and short heel with a side zip, and a cut to shape your calf.  The colours this season are divine.  I love the aubergine coloured boots.  Shops also have the usual in blacks, browns and tans.

At the moment, everywhere I go, I’m looking down as I walk.  Not to check for cobblestone and uneven pavers in case I trip, but checking out people’s footwear, wondering what I should get.  I just have to say, if I had to choose a passion for footwear, it would definitely be boots.