Amongst many “adminy” things we still have to do to “clean” up our affairs in Australia, the fact that we have too much stuff continues to dog me. Now I’ve come a long way from 12 months ago, when everything was good and couldn’t be thrown out, to being able to sell it on eBay, give it away and chuck it out.  I mean we had 2 really big council cleanup days before we left Sydney.  Right now, I have too much in the apartment and there’s still the half the garage to deal with.

The good news is that I went through my wardrobe – again. Many items have now made it to the local Oxfam shop, such that I’ve become a familiar face.  “Out the back, love” is familarity in my world. I’ve also joined up for this thing called GiftAid, where Oxfam can get extra money back from the government from the money they’ve earned selling your stuff.  It’s all too complicated really.  (Actually, UK seems to have many complicated rules, but that’s the subject of another blog.)

I’ve also started picking through stuff deciding which ones to sell on eBay.

eBay – it’s so great and I really love it. I like selling on it, and quite frankly, I love buying on it.  But I say, eBay in the UK is far better than eBay in Australia.  The volume of stuff to buy ….  Let’s just say, as much as I’ve gotten rid of, I’ve accumulated, but I suppose they’re the things I want at the moment.  Oh, and by the way, the online stores in the UK are just fab.  Argos is another great site where you can buy just about anything.  Amazon is pretty large over here too.  Really, I need never leave the home again. 

The last couple of weeks I’ve been busy listing stuff.  Oh, and I’ve had such a fab closing week, I just had to share.  I’m one of these casual eBay sellers where I love to wrap things up.  You know one of those?  I really should have been a Christmas gift wrapper person at least once in my life.  I had wanted to volunteer in my youth – which is only a “few” moons ago.  It’s like I want to put stardust in all these packages and say hope you enjoy it as much as I did – goodwill in a box, and pass it on.

I’ve become a familiar face at the post office.  I know which ones will smile, and which ones will continue to be grumpy.  I’ve become familiar with postage rates now.  Yay!  I knew this like the back of my hand in Australia, and having to re-learn for the UK was initially daunting.  I’ve found ways to find boxes, and packages, and recyle wrapping.  Bet you never thought the Waitrose Indian Takeaway box could be so useful for packing shoes.  

I enjoy it.  It’s entertainment and a way to spend the dark days and nights – and move things along which is a bonus.  Invariably, I’m always surprised by how much people will pay for stuff … and how much they won’t – and it’s never what you think they’d pay for it.