Today, I discovered that walking through damp red/gold coloured leaves were really mushy and slimy.  It also felt slightly squishy, like moss on a rock. You had to be careful when walking on them, as you could easily slip. I can see why people in cold countries seem unfriendly. It’s not that they’re really unfriendly or don’t want to say “hi”. It’s just that they’re looking at their feet as they walk so that they don’t step into something that’ll cause them to slip, or roll their ankle.

Today, I discovered that the houses looked quite different than I remembered them. Then, I realised that it was because the trees around the houses had less leaves, so that you could see more of the houses. You could also see more of the sky, before it gets to grey in the evening.

Today, I discovered that Autumn really is a nice time of year in the Northern Hemisphere.  It’s also nice in Australia, but because it’s colder here, there’s more leaves that turn brown.  The light here is different, more muted.  (I’m sure I’m going to call it grey in a couple of months.)  I love taking a deep breath and smelling the cold crisp air – and then I get athsma…. which leads me to my next discovery.

Today, I discovered that walking up a hill in really cold weather is very tiring.  I also discovered that I get a headache when it’s really cold.

Today, I discovered that you can wear anything with boots and look really good.  You can wear that old rag of a fleece jumper that you would normally look like a slob in.  But with boots, you look really good.  Boots maketh the man.

Today, I discovered that I get really hungry at 4.30 pm, because I apparently eat according to the light of the day.

Today, I discovered that it’s really quite nice being in England, and living where I live.  I love it that I walk to work. I love it that the shops are within walking distance, and that my son can walk to school and back.  I love it that there’s a theatre, library and cinema nearby. Living in a place, where everything is within 1 mile of home is pretty cool.  (Let’s not talk about whether we like everything that is within 1 mile of home – that’s a different conversation.)

Today, I discovered these wierd red berries on English hedge bush-type plant that looks like an olive, feels like an olive, but may not taste like an olive. Today, I discovered that you don’t need to buy fake holly and mistletoe, just pluck the real ones from people’s gardens.

Today, I discovered that I am still capable of discovering.