When I moved to London, one of the things I’ve wanted was a Wii Fit.  Actually, there were 2 things: a Wii Fit and Guitar Hero.  I first played Wii last year in England when I was visiting a relative.  I thought it a lot of fun, but I did not realise that the very small activity that you do playing “tennis” could warm you up so much.  I suddenly had fantasies of getting fit and thin on Wii Fit. Have you ever had such fantasies yourself?

Anyway, it was yet another gadget of many other gadgets I’ve purchased over the years to get me fit. Quite frankly, I’m just lazy and need to get off my butt, as my ex-personal trainer would tell me. But I’m hoping that Wii Fit will keep me entertained and moving through the winter.  That was more my intent.  It’s actually one of my “survive winter” items.

Here is a list of items that is on my “Survive Winter” list:

1.  42 inch LCD Television – purchased.

2.  Wii Fit – purchased.

3.  Cable TV and broadband internet – purchased.

4.  Cross-stitch patterns to entertain – plenty in store.

5.  Books to read – Richmond Library on tap for this.

6.  Clothes for winter – accumulating progressively.

Like a squirrel storing chestnuts, I’ve been slowly gathering the things I need to “survive” winter.  But I digress.  This isn’t a blog about surviving winter.  It’s a blog about Wii Fit.

Ok. The machine is all hooked up, and I needed to set up my profile.  After, entering my biometric details and doing my balance test, the BMI result came back that I was underweight!  After half a second of celebration, I thought that this couldn’t be right.  Uhhh!  6 ft 2 in is not the same as 5 ft 2 in.  Okay, re-key data.  BMI result comes back – “slightly” overweight.  Okay, I’m overweight, but on the scale it is just above the line to just right, so I’ve added in the “slightly” to make me feel better.  Humphhhh!  Let’s move on.  Ok, I try a few more tests that they give me to get to my real age – balance tests etc.  Anyway, I fell off the Wii Fit balance board on one of them, and quite unfairly the machine gave a really bad Wii Fit age.  Okay, so bad that I am not putting it in this blog, but I tell you, the Wii Fit real age is wrong!!!!

Denial, denial, denial.

Anyway, I think I’m going to look forward to the Wii Fit machine. I think what I like best about it is that I get to play with my son on some of the games. I’m not very good with ODST, or Halo Wars, or Call of Duty.  But this means that we can play together on games that I like.  And if the machine keeps me moving in winter, and help me a bit more with getting stronger in the body, then that’s got to be a good thing.  Though I do realise that the Wii Fit is not a substitute for proper exercise.  (You hear that, ex-personal trainer? I do realise that!!!  I have learned something after all those hours on the reformer machine with you.)

But it is something. And it logs some biometric information which I would never have bothered to do myself. And it is fun. So that’s gotta be good, isn’t it?